Marriage creates a soundtrack!

When I was young, I was afforded an opportunity to invest in a recording studio. Some of my fondest memories are tied to those moments when I witnessed the Artist and the  Engineer. Like a Maestro conducting an orchestra – a derby of kinetic bustle from a coalition of technicians, producers, artists, singers, band members, media moguls, graphics designers, distributors, and radio reps – all move into place, performing to the rhythm of “making music.” I enjoyed a rare view; a front row seat into a world where the seemingly random sounds of skillful virtuosos met the genius of methodic engineers to create a kaleidoscope of beats and beauty, masterpieces of ordered musical brilliance. I watched as a timid vocalist would walk into a soundproof sanctuary, close their eyes and get lost in the rhythms of ‘making music,’ until he/she created their famed walkway into Close-up of sound mixer in studioCarnegie Hall. It was soul-delighting and spirit-lifting to see ‘flawless‘ rise on the wings of ‘determined dreamer!’  That’s what ‘making music‘ can do.

Some might think I’m naive to offer such an elementary analysis on the subject of ‘making music.’ And yet, this parable is rich with the illustrations and truths of the complex, often inexhaustible process of ‘making music.‘  The process of ‘making great music‘ is the process that every dedicated ‘artist‘ will most certainly experience if his/her soundtrack is to be heard, loved, shared and celebrated.

So it is with Marriage! Two different people, often from different galaxies, are at once caressed by affection, captured by attraction, and entertained by love. These people who are united by the Law of Attraction now find themselves orbiting in the same universe. I can’t recall how many times I’ve witnessed ‘proverbial‘ strangers accept the invitation (of the Law of Attraction) to come and meet one another in the Studio of Diversity. This Studio is where the holy union of ‘oneness‘ is created, and it’s only created out of the polar paradigms of ‘different.’ It’s in the Studio of Diversity where the Conductor imagines the splendor of a symphony he’s not yet heard; the brilliant harmonies of ‘difference‘ that has not yet been played.

The things that make us ‘different‘ are not to be considered ‘weights,’ but compliments. The things that make us unique, are not our ‘liabilities,’ but our riches. Our ‘differences‘ are the accents of our individuality, the genius of our design. Sadly, too many people have abandoned their individual designs to chase after a culturally-sterile clone. Friends, when our ‘differences‘ are left alone they void our Creator’s purpose, thus becoming spiritual ‘distractions‘ to us. Those things that can be ‘distractions‘ to us most often are the very first things the enemy uses to entice us to build altars to idolatry. Distractions pose such danger because if we succumb to them, we forfeit participation in the Grand Symphony for which we were designed to play.

It’s the ‘melody‘ of Unity that causes our spirits to soar; like a mighty artesian rising to offer us it’s ever-present, life-giving influence of integrity’s joy. Unity’s melody is so wondrous that its cleft notes seem more fitted for Angels than for men!

Unity‘ is not measured by Facebook posts no more than ‘spirituality‘ is measured by hashtags. In the Universe of all that is Sin, there is no mortal weaponry capable of defeating the enemy that is exempt from morality. There is a corollary between spiritual victory and godly ethic; between moral triumph and godly disposition. We often hear, “Husbands, love your wife as Christ loved the Church” (Ephesians 5:25), but far too many people don’t know how to love like Jesus

To enjoy the harmony of ‘unity‘ in marriage and ‘oneness‘ in marital purpose, we must practice a lifestyle of loyalty. Loyalty is the only thing that produces a tripartite nature resulting in unity.

Loyalty’s tripartite nature becomes the offensive weaponry of love.

  1. Steadfastness – steadfastness is the victor over lust of the flesh,
  2. Faithfulness – faithfulness is the victor over lust of the eyes,
  3. Allegiance – allegiance is the victor over the pride of life.

I pray that each marriage, each home, each family would enjoy a new level of strength – to realize the joy that comes from a strong, healthy, wholesome, fulfilling, life-giving marriage. I encourage you to meet your mate in the Studio of Diversity and give yourself to each other in Loyalty’s Unity until you leave embracing one another in Love’s Symphony song!

Wendell E. Hutchins II

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  • David Grigsby
    May 29, 2018 8:37 am

    Powerful & beautiful!

  • Makeba Terrell
    May 29, 2018 1:16 pm

    Wow! I have a lot of favorite lines… one is: “Our ‘differences‘ are the accents of our individuality, the genius of our design. ” I believe appreciating each other’s differences in marriage leads us on a more harmonious journey to that wonderful “Studio of Diversity” .

    Love it!

  • Jue lemelle
    May 29, 2018 11:08 pm

    Pastor, this is really good, some of it above my head, but I enjoyed it, I enjoy most music, I love the harmonies of R&B, Gospel but I also love jazz, salsa etc. I love music period and can listen to it anytime.It’s better than hearing arguments
    Now on the part about loyalty and marriage, I was a loyal wife, but where did it get me? Nowhere, but I won’t get into that , I’ve been devorced too long and marriage hasn’t been on my mind, but this post has me thinking, Maybe I just did it wrong. I don’t know


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