With the only exception being Christianity, the many different gods of every other world religion have been strikingly prodigal – forever truant from their followers, absent in life’s circumstances and silent in the midst of their followers steadfast devotion!

Jesus of Nazareth, the Christos-Savior of all mankind, is the splendor of Heaven and the love of God given to all mankind who will believe, for He alone is real and relevant to every aspect of our daily lives.

In our storms, He alone arrives to calm the storm. In our terror, He alone stands to rebuke the waves and wind!
In our desperation, He alone answers our prayerful plea’s.  He hears the anxious cry of a frantic mother. Jesus alone stands to stare into the chamber of death and demand the stinking corpse of her dead son to rise and eat!

You asked me why I love Jesus – He is the only One who was troubled by my sinful condition, touched with the feelings of my140519L403 infirmity, and moved with compassion for my eternal condemnation.  You know what He did for me, He gave up the portals of His royal splendor, came and robed Himself in the frail fabric of my pitiful condition, walked among my fathers, loved them, touched them, and gave promise to them.

Though they crucified Him, He never stopped loving me. You want to know “how” I know.  I didn’t find Him in the museums of religion.

Jesus never stopped calling me. His mercy came running after me.  His grace chased me down.  His love gave me His Victor’s crown, all while I was unlovable.  So, yes…you’ll have to pardon my enthusiastic praise of Him. I found Him to be all that I need. No other god has loved me, spoken with me, called me or gave himself for me.  No, not one.

So yes, I like Isaiah declare…there is none like You, Oh Lord.  No one like You.


Pastor Hutchins

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  • Thank God for this message, I am so glad I visited your church, I would have never known there was some one out there, so passionate about the Lord, that wasn’t my race. By the way, are you Indian, Italian or Spanish what is your race, I’m confused. Not that it matters, but I would like to know. God bless you.

  • James Garces
    May 1, 2017 4:29 pm

    Through th I s lines I want t I show my support to Dr Hutchins.


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