The adventure of Faith fathoms the deep of our soul while Truth plumbs the secrets of our spirit. Trust seeks to reach the far recesses of our thoughts and illuminate every philosophical shadow that each of our life experiences have created. With military precision faith marches to the fore of our hearts demanding, with the urgent passion of an Inquisition, that our hearts seize our restless spiritual conscience with the naked honesty of our need.

The Faith that overcomes in our time, was born by the bubbling brook of Hope from another era. Today, while our toes are laced on the ragged edge of eternity, we remember yesteryear when we were the dancing lads of gallant grace. Time to us is different today than it was yesterday. Yesteryear was the evening light. Our Apostolic fathers spoke to us from the dispensation of the morning light, but today we are in the night!

At night, we are required to navigate differently than we do in the noonday. At night, we are much more cautious traveling on 12104401e13a5a2d18a1805acc11bb62the waterways of life, for the rushing currents of calamity are not as easily discerned, and the problematic barges of burgeoning mediocrity are certain and sure peril to the careless waterway man of the night.

It’s far too late to turn back now!  No, Traveler…seize the moment, embrace the rapids, and ride the tide to the golden strand. Let all the Angels sing, “He has embraced his journey, he embarks upon on the last leg of his mortal cruise; he’s set sail on the last leg of his earthly voyage….and this one thing is sure, he seized his moment and refused to be left unchanged in his TIME!”

Making the most of TIME….Bon Voyage!

Pastor Hutchins

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