Days like today have made the Daysman exceptionally weary; ever the Arbiter of right and Advocate of holy, His battle weary fingers cleave to the Sword of justice loosely. Legion upon legion have marched this day against the bulwarks of His Truth and Mercy, but Daysman did not leave His bloody post but fought ever so gallantly, to win one more soul with His grace.

Evil exploited the weakness of fallen men and their sin sublime, but Agape Love soldiered as a steady Sentinel of Grace on public prime. Never One to be discouraged, Daysman persisted in righting the wrong of Satan’s midnight soiree and establish the brilliant splendor of the King’s unending Day!

First Born, Second Adam, First Up, Last Sabbath. He’s been called many different names, most revering His attributes and others praising His fame. And yet, the splendor of His glory is assigned to only One, the Name above all other names, the Name to which all Heaven and Earth will bow. Everyone from Morning Dew to Midnight’s Aurora Borealis dance to the rhythm of Hisnorthern-lights-over-water Name, it’s majesty, splendor and fame. Tides turn, Mountains quake, Nations run at the praise of His sweet Name!

Soon, very soon, Earth’s children…all who’ve been born and took Earth’s ride…. will bend their knee and humbly sigh…JESUS is His Name!

So let the Sea roar and the isles muse….Earth is about to be invaded with six-wing seraphs shouting “Alleluia”…Holy, Holy, Holy is God-of-the-Angel-Armies, His bright glory fills all the earth!”  Get ready children, you’re about to take your final flight! You’ll love Salvation City with crystal rivers and healing hands, no doubt you’ll walk with clouds of witnesses and hold court with Patriarchs and Prophets, but the One you’ve long to see most of all will be the One to say “Well Done, thou good and faithful servant. Enter thou into the joy of the Lord.”    Matt. 25:23

― Wendell Hutchins II

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