The notable Richard Baxter once said, “Beware of those opinionative questionists, who will scarcely stoop to be discipled because they are tainted with pride and self-conceitedness. These are they who are readier to teach than to be taught, ready to vent their own conceits and quarrel with you rather than be taught and learn.” Richard Baxter, London, MDCCCXXX (1830).

Opinionative Questionists! This is a perfect, albeit antiquated way, of describing our culture today.

If you have a pastor that is fearless in his/her zeal, bold in faith, passionate in pursuit, faithful in his discharge, merciful in their disposition, grace-filled in their appeal, and love-consumed in their ministerial calling, then you have a pastor that is more precious than diamonds.

Your pastor is labouring under burdens and facing adversities most other people can’t even begin to imagine. These precious people of God are facing challenges that are all eternally consequential. They are constantly praying and seeking, knocking and believing. They are working to unite a body that the enemy assails and assaults night and day; they are pursuing everything that the devil has stolen from you, and they’re in hot pursuit of everyone who is lost.

Yes, they are in an eternal foot race to pursue your lost children and grandchildren, your neighbours and friends. They are seeking to win everybody from the uttermost to the guttermost.

Your Man of God does not care what the prevailing winds of secularists say, what the politicians are pontificating, or what the societal ‘gods and goddesses’ are touting — No, sir, God’s Man and God’s Woman are in the ministry of Jesus Christ for one thing and one thing alone…SOULS! For each of them, it’s all about the ONE!

So, the Man or Woman of God who you call your pastor should be fishing first and asking questions later. If you are blessed and favoured to sit under the leadership of this kind of pastor — you should stretch your hands toward heaven and give God your highest and best praise tonight! And tomorrow, tell your pastor you love them, and that you are praying for them.

Wendell E. Hutchins II

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