Before the pandemic, for many, CHURCH was captured by the tourist mindset. It seemed that many of the church-goers (predominantly in the metro areas) had an expectation the local church was to deliver to their congregants a Disney-type experience of entertainment which was to result in the attenders leaving the campus feeling positive and happy!

Sadly, the expectations for “happy” had overtaken many leaders and had left their mouths with a real, albeit unseen, muzzle. The muzzle was fabricated out of the titanium of “false expectations” and held upon the mouths of leaders by the mask-ties of pseudo-spiritual “political correctness.”

This, of course, distanced the voice of the prophetic from the hearts of the people! The fiery enunciations of the “Elijah’s” were too often relegated to the ‘wilderness’ of ministry. The ‘wilderness of ministry” is that unpopular place designated for unpopular people.

And then, the enemy thought his deceit so mature that he could silence all testimony of Jesus Christ, he physically assaulted “freedom of speech” and the “singing spiritual songs” in public by placing a physical “mask” over the mouths of men.

The ‘public’ mask was never for medicinal purposes. It’s been proven time and again that what passes for public masks cannot stop airborne nano-particles from escaping your mouth when you exhale.

No, the enemy of your soul hates your testimony so much he thought to design a way to silence you and quarantine you to steal your voice and spoil your influence. He thought he’d have his way.

Little did he know, that he would awaken a mighty army! The very opposite happened. The spirit of Elijah began to roar in the distance until it created a Tsunami of sound like a mighty rushing wind. Men and Women of God began crying out…prayer broke out across the face of the earth. Every nation began to see their “Elijah’s” leap to the fore of ministry, while simultaneously, the majority of the “entertaining preachers” sat resigned in their self-imposed prisons of “caution” for “safety.”


Today, there are mighty voices that are shouting in four-part harmony, JESUS IS COMING SOON! Today, the Elijahs of the nations are screaming into the ears of culture, “prepare ye the way of the Lord.” Do not sit in darkness. Do not sin in isolation. Do not allow culture to convince you that their proverbial masks or in your best interest. They are not. They are your muzzle. SHOUT with a voice of Triumph, SHOUT with a voice of Praise!

In fact, the Scriptures specifically tell us, “You shall NOT muzzle the ox when it is treading out the grain.” Duet. 25:4 The Apostle Paul quoted Deut. 25:4 in I Cor. 9:9. He wrote again about this principle of truth in I Tim. 5:18. James wrote of it in the 5th division of his letter, and Paul concluded with a strong, strong word in Eph. 6 when he wrote, “…rendering service with a good will as to the Lord and not to man.” Eph. 6:7

Today, when you go to your place of worship, listen for the sound of Elijah, and the peel of prophecy! If you can, you’ll be fitted with a voice of an Overcomer! For there, you can lift up your voice to comingle with the Spotless Blood of the Lamb and the power of your testimony will shake the iron bars of your prison and free your hands and feet from the clasp of judgment!

Wendell Hutchins II

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