When You Hear The Sound of Marching…

While certainly not new, in the last year and a half the little used term ‘super-spreader’ has taken on a life of its own, becoming a lexical phenomenon. The pandemic has shredded any medical nuance or subtlety that might have once shrouded it’s contextual import.

‘Super-spreader’ gained fast currency among leading figures of Science and Medicine who used its specificity to describe the severity of the epidemic spread of Covid-19. However, ‘Super-spreader’ has also been used outside of its context of referring to diseases, it’s been used to refer to ideas, memes, stories, and social media postings. It’s usage has colored the broad spectrum of language, both in its literal meaning as a compound word describing a highly contagious and communicable diseased individual and as a figurative word. In fact, ‘super-spreader’ has become the go-to pejorative term that many people use to refer to ideas that are not wholesome or healthy.

With its widest possible definition, ‘super-spreader’ refers to a propensity to infect a larger than average number of people. It is a term that is now used to impute moral condemnation on individuals accused of spreading the virus. And yet, I find it’s theological parallels fascinating.

Abraham. Jacob. Isaac. Job. Joseph. Moses. Gideon. Deborah. Rahab. Esther. Samson. Samuel. David. Solomon. Hezekiah. Isaiah. Elijah. Elisha. Zechariah. Amos. Daniel. Jeremiah. I think you get the point, throughout the history of mankind, God always favors His people with dominion DNA, in which is the molecular structure for exponential influence, exponential blessings, and exponential growth. The key to unlocking this genetic dominion influencer is to embrace the Giver and His grace.

In Matthew 14, Jesus “feeds five thousand with five loaves and two fishes.” In Psalm 103, He is “the Lord God who grants to us all His benefits, who forgives all our iniquities, and who heals all of our diseases.” In Acts 10, Peter preaching to Cornelius and his household, declared, “Jesus of Nazareth…went about doing good, and healing all that were oppressed of the devil; for God was with Him.” In Matthew 4, we find “Jesus went about all Galilee, teaching in their synagogues and preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom, and healing all manner of sickness and all manner of disease among the people.” And in Acts 5, we discover that “the people brought forth the sick into the streets and laid them on beds and couches, that at least the shadow of Peter passing would fall on them and they would be healed. And those who were sick and tormented by evil spirits, all them were healed.”

The robust nature and incalculable influence of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the molecular model of communicable grace, the place wherein all who are diseased, tormented, bound, oppressed, and possessed, can be at once made whole by the super-nature of a super-Word carried by a super-spreader.

The people to whom God calls to share His Word, He also calls to carry His Spirit. They are prayerful, deliberate, mindful to seek His unction so that “His Kingdom may come and His will be done on earth as it already is in heaven.” The Spirit of God is both the Sentinel and Signal of an environmentally invading Presence, on in which atmospheres of distress or changed into sanctuaries of supernatural blessings.

The Presence of God resounds among the people with a sound that comes from above the people to spread and cover all the people. Just as God spoke to His servants, “When you hear the sound of marching in the tops of the mulberry trees, then rouse [stir] yourself, for then shall the LORD go out before you to smite the hosts of the Philistines.” II Sam. 5:24

When God’s people began to pray with fervent, prevailing, earnest, wrestling prayer – the tide turns at once – for the invocation of the Presence of God spreads simultaneously over all the people. The God who is outside of the metes and bounds of east and west, covers all the earth with one blast of His breath. When He turns toward His army of praying people who labor for Him to act, you can be sure we will see the Outpouring of His Spirit and our hearts will be made glad. Joy will be ours when we see His Spirit move and His perfect will triumph over all the earth.

Let us pray until we be endued with power from on high, as was our first century fathers. Let us labor for God in the spirit of joy and gladness knowing that He alone preserves our freedom and our liberty through our devotion to His Word. Let us be diligent warriors on the wall of His protection, guarding after His holy precepts and His royal law. Let us be so pure in our devotion that God sends us His prevailing gusts – no, not a gust, but an overwhelming gale force of His Spirit to rid our hearts of evil habits and our land of evil men, healing our infirmities and converting us within.

Seek God. Be constant in prayer. Dance with more liberty. Rejoice with more flare. Be holy in lifestyle and live more closely to Him! Oh’ and when you hear the sound of Him as a marching in the tops of the mulberry’s, rouse yourself…stir yourself…shake yourself. It’s war time, and it’s a war in which your Captain has won the victory for you!



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