The familiar rush of heat and humidity instantly swallowed me with its bated breath! And yet, something magnificent had changed. To the undiscerning it might have been missed but not me, I caught a glimpse of its glee. The axis has tilted, the air is slightly different, the shade cast by the sunlight now dances with a different hue.

What’s happening?

Last evening, after what seemed like a very long day of teaching on prayer, writing scripts for studio work, research, a strategy meeting with leaders, and a couple of meetings with lawyers and publishers, I took a break from my office long enough to step outside.

The popular artist of a different era, Steve Miller, would say, “Time keeps on slippin’, slippin’, slippin,’ into the future.”

And yet, it’s not slippin’ at all. Time and Space meet in the hallowed sanctuary of the Eternal Word. Earth simply follows its orders from the Word, while time is re-ordered with the color of a new garment. We know it as a season. Time is following it’s own order from the Author who wrote of it, having no boundary, no time, nor confined by any space continuum. You see, everything created is riding the circuit of its boundary granted to it by God Himself.

Creation testifies of the majesty of its Creator! Creation’s testimony is so profound that it causes us to rejoice in adoration, for by creation we learn of the exploits, rhythms, circuitry, and faithfulness of creation’s God. Creation teaches us, as God’s highest form of creation, that surety for our sustainability is already built in, it’s in the Word spoken over us at creation. There is no forfeiture that can nullify God’s Word. There is no surprise to His order that can disrupt His bounds. He alone is Creator God. He alone is Elohim.

What does that mean for you and for me?

It means this, that each one of us who are born of Him are His children with a double portion of blessing. First, we are His offspring by creation. Second, we are His sons and daughters by adoption in Christ Jesus. This is the privilege that we have that no other created thing or being has, we have the ability to call the Creator our Father.

Our Father who art in heaven! Oh’ how precious it is to say that, “Father.” When we declare God to be our Father, we are acknowledging that He is our authority! And if He be our Father, our authority, then it is incumbent upon us to bring to Him the honor that is due Him. And if He be our Father, and we His sons and daughters, then as His sons and daughters we are to bring Him our obedience.

What do we see in creation? We discover affection mingled with authority; an authority that does not provoke rebellion, but an obedience with cheer and thanksgiving, with fervent praise. When we render God our adoration in obedience, we yield to Him our will in love. When love becomes the custodian and guardian of our obedience, then nothing in our future is toil and labor under the curse and command of our own flesh, but it is an act of praise and worship through instruments of obedience…which become His tabernacle of righteousness.

This is the sole reason why an earthly child’s adoration of their Heavenly Father is considered an utterance of better music than cherubim or seraphim can ever sing! When we cry, “Abba, Father!” we speak of the One who satisfies all the necessities we shall ever demand, or our wishes could desire.

And to think, you and I were made to sing for all eternity, “Our Father who reigns in Heaven…hallowed by Thy Name, we worship You who sits on the throne, saying, “Hallelujah, Amen!” Why, you ask? Because our Creator God so fixed His triumphant Word within the metes and bounds of our mortal precinct. His Word is unconquerable, unalterable, and unfailing. There is no act of treason nor treachery of hell, there is no amount of abounding immorality or wickedness that could possibly prevail over His creative Word. When sin arose and thought to crush His creation, God set His face like flint toward our reconciliation. When the accuser came to ridicule and curse, God laughed at Satan’s delusion, thinking he could overthrow Agape Love.

Friend, this may be a long read, but if you are here you should see… GOD LOVES YOU and all of creation testifies to this truth!


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