Far too many people have become cynical and jaded in when reviewing the prospectus offered by a Christian friend to join their community, group, or gathering! Too long have we seen Christian culture defined by the brilliance of production, the assets of technology, the ingenuity of genius, and the marvel of creative people. And, all of that is fantastic. I love and appreciate expertise in production and the tools to achieve a dynamic presentation of Jesus. I love hanging out with the crowd that seems to be doubly blessed with ingenuity, creativity, and Disney WOW!

But, having all of that is not enough to produce and distribute what the world is seeking now. The saddest sight in this post-pandemic period of Christian ministry is to see ministers and churches still working to produce the same type of gatherings they were enjoying before this world-wide crisis.

Nancy Pearcey, in her riveting book Finding Truth, unmasks the hollow and tinny sounds of a glittering nuevo-gospel that is informational, but not transformational. She writes exhaustively about the secular leaps of faith and the testimony of Universal Human Experience. Pearcey poignantly states, “The whole point of building theoretical systems is to explain what humans know by pre-theoretical experience. This is the starting point of all philosophy. This is the data it seeks to explain. If it fails to explain the data of experience, then it has failed the test. It has been falsified” (pg. 142).

The world is hungry for the kind of God Experience we read of in the Book of Acts! What if our unmatched ingenuity and creativity joined with God in concert, I believe the world would reel under the glory of God sweeping through the nations. When God’s people present the reality of a living, vibrant, all-powerful Savior who desires to work with His majesty and display of love by showering us with His exploits of grace. The world will run to us. There is something that is altogether attractive about a Gospel Message that is bold and compelling. So, away with the skepticism. Away with the disillusionment. Away with sedentary depression. Away with the cynics mistrust. Away with any lie Satan has sewn into the hearts and minds of believers, wishing to distract and destroy, to break away the unity of the spirit and steal the divine tongue of our holy purpose in Christ Jesus our Lord.

My prayer for the Church is that we will employ every tool, every gift, every technology, every creative, every genius, every faithpreneur to bring an Upperoom Experience to an awakened and hungry world. My prayer is that we give them JESUS!

Today is our day! Let us each live to present a Total Book of Redemption and Hope by living a unified life with Christ. To learn more about Jesus and the power of His Name, watch this video and be blessed.

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