While heroes are not born every day, they are made every day!

Men who become fathers are the men who made a choice for love! I do not speak of the biological making of a father, I speak of the spiritual, emotional, and psychological choice a man makes to become a “father.”

“Fathers” choose to allow a baby to reshape their desires, to confirm their stewardship, to reorder their priorities, to rule their daily affairs, to expose their vulnerable tenderness, and possibly introduce them to gentleness on a level they’ve never known. But in return, they get loved unimaginably, they embrace joy continually, they feel loved immensely, and they are honored perpetually!

For me, my dad has always been a larger-than-life figure who was indomitable in his will to excel, he was unstoppable in his will to create, and he was unmatchable in his field of expertise! No one has ever achieved what my dad has achieved! He’s always been the smartest man in the room of brilliance, and he’s always been the friend to those in need!

My father. My dad. My hero. My Champion. The extraordinary inventor/engineer who never met an electrical anomaly he couldn’t explain or a challenge he couldn’t meet. With 85 Masters, he still holds the record for possessing the most Master Electrical Licenses in the United States after all these years.

I’ve seen him solve problems for the White House and I’ve seen him arrive at answers Berkeley and Stamford, MIT and Harvard could not find.

Yes, that guy…he’s my dad!

He’s our family’s Man-of-the-century every single day!

Dad, thank you for teaching me the wisdom of exploring the ‘unknown’ to find the hidden gems of He-who-knows-all-things!

You’ve taught me to love aviation, for all things speed and climbing for time, to turn on the steep and fly for the g’s, I loved every minute you were in the cockpit with me. You have instilled in me a never-ending thirst for education. But most of all, you provided for me a God-first, God-honoring home, where you taught me to love my God, my Pastor, my Bible, and giving my first (best) gift and giving to God first, and then step back and believe and watch Him work with His miracle power in my life! You championed for me the need for the Holy Spirit to work in our marketplace each and every day!

That is an education no mere man can give, that’s the brilliance only a father-hero can dare to share.

I love you Dad! #awesomedad

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