His voice is always groveling for first place. He’s never content to be in the room – oh no, he does all he can to insure his is the loudest voice in the room!  You know that one, the one who towers in belligerence and whose bellicose thunder rattles the deepest chambers of your soul. The one whose incessant bullying assails your good conscience and his voice grates on your nerves far more than a caterwauling feline at midnight.

Yes. That one.

His name? Many.

Many are his, and he wears them all unashamedly. Oh’ yes, he’s much worse than anyone you’ve met before. He’s that one who impresses upon others the need to aid him in his torment, and so others give him their aid and industry. He has a derby of accomplices who create faux causes which enable him to change his name and keep operating the same, unnamed and untamed. He’s been doing this so long, he’s been called by some the “Assassin Of The Greatest Preacher On The Planet!”

He’s that VOICE! That voice that whispers in the quiet solitude of your stated purpose. Just after that moment of conviction, when you’ve made a new commitment, or you’ve determined to chart a new course, he’s the one who always speaks up to intercede for your failure!  He comes to you again and whispers, “Accept it.”  “You can’t do it.”  “You’ve tried before and failed.” “Don’t make a fool out of yourself again.”  “People know you, and they know you won’t stick with it.” “You’ve never done anything like that before, what makes you think you can do that?” “You can’t be like them.” “You can’t achieve that.” “You can’t have that.” “Don’t think that big.” “Be content with what you’ve got, it’s never going to change.” “Learn to live with it.”  “Can’t you just be happy.”  “Why do you always want to do more.”  On and on.  He never stops. He has more statements than Johnny Cochran in a closing argument.  He’s fast. He’s nimble. He’s articulate. He’s always got a comeback, and…He’s always on the attack!

Attacking you! Screaming into your conscience…. “Stop believing! You can’t.” 

He says things like, “Remember every New Years? You always make resolutions you know you won’t keep. You’ve never kept one of them. You’re not going to keep this one.” 

He’s tried to talk you out of your blessing.  He’s tried to slick-talk you out of your promotion. He’s definitely tried to talk you out of your love for God and God’s love for you. He’s offered to give you a myriad of counterfeits, those spurious imitations of Hell’s best….in exchange for your…YOU CAN. You see, all he wants is for you to stop believing….YOU CAN!

I know him very well. And, I’ve learned that one of the key ways I could defeat him was to race him to the bottom of the barrel…get to the end of “my” proverbial rope. I’ve found that only when I was willing to get to that place where I was exhausted of “me” and I was no longer interested in justifying ‘why‘ I had what I had. When I came to the place where I no longer ‘needed‘ to tell everyone ‘what‘ I was doing to fix ‘it‘, and/or rationalizing that “…I’m doing the right things, it’s just not working for me.”

Friends, until we get brutally honest with ourselves, we can’t start winning.  When we get honest with ourselves we then start seeing our dreams become more than that ethereal dancer who fleetingly appears on the horizon of our mystic future. If you want to gain victories and plunder hell, you must look down the throat of this loud-mouth bully and name him for who he really is?  You can name him by repenting. Yes, that is right. You can stop and repent.  Repent!

Repent means to change direction; change course.

God helped me. I changed course.  IMG_3311

You can too.

I’m not talking about getting in on the latest craze or becoming a member of the most recent fad. I’m not talking about making a 90-day pledge or drinking a seaweed shake. I’m talking about looking deep into the mirror of the Word and hearing God say, “I have more for you than this.”

My friends, will you “live” to get it?  Will you “commit” to see it?  You can…IF you will!

This is a picture of me and David, one of our staff pastors at the Church of Champions. January of 2017, he chose to accept my challenge. The picture of us on the left was taken last year, the picture of us to on the right was taken last week. My question to you, is:  Will You Join Us? It’s not too late. 

In fact, since January, it’s estimated that hundreds of others have joined our #doUBle365 Campaign. I think you should consider doing so as well. If you will join me…I’m going to celebrate with you, your choice to live a fulfilled Christian life.  You can count on us for love, support, encouragement, and help along the way because we know that two is better than one.

If this blog  has inspired you, let me know by leaving a reply. If you’d ever like to email us for more transformation information, or just to be encouraged, write us at info@champ.org.

P. S. James Wyatt and Colton Hutchins are starting a new class soon.  You can sign up here.

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