bearded man holding his head and wincing in painLeader’s do well to remember that God considers our passionate pursuit of His glory as our pursuit of His holiness! His Perfection.

In our Godly pursuits, our ‘hunger’ is most often characterized by our enthusiasm.

The effectiveness of what comes ‘to’ me is determined by ‘how’ I allow it to pass ‘through’ me.

Our ‘test’ will always include a confrontation with our idealism, our ethics, our integrity, and our character. Each of these directly affects our called purpose in God.

God never calls us to journey into our strengths, He calls us to make a life-long trip that is commonly known as ‘process.’ He uses ‘process’ to transform us through our weaknesses.

King Saul, a new kind of leader for Israel, had his troublesome years stretched before him, not after. Did you see that? When he embarked with God’s anointing and the Prophet’s blessing, his trouble lay in ‘front’ of him. He was called ‘into’ his process.

Samuel, who was anti-royal and an enemy of thrones; the man who harbored ill-feelings for monarchs, scepters, and crowns is the one who finds himself being called upon by God to anoint the very thing he found detestable.

A wise man knows not to curse the thing he finds most detestable, for it is often the  instrument God chooses to use to process out of him his preconceived notions and disdain.

Our test will show us that when God uses what we dislike to crucify the ‘disdain’ in us, we’ll fall in love with what He loves….we’ll fall in love with how He loves….we’ll fall in love with why He loves….the way He loves.

When we value the process, we’ll turn every circumstance into a platform for joy; every turn in the journey into a vista of revelation, and every circumstance into a praise. There bitterness is forever defeated and love ministers unhindered.

So, don’t be discouraged if you’ve been called ‘into’ some trouble…you’re just moving into your future while being perfected in God’s holy purpose.

Wendell Hutchins II

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