Sadly, many leaders have been convinced, albeit erroneously, that wordsmithing is an endangered art form; that a wordsmith represents an almost extinct class of communicator. Some have told me that my ilk and kind are considered neanderthals. We are the unwonted among a new breed who practice minimalism in public speaking.

Today, the success of the speaker seems to hinge on his/her ability to surround themselves with a team of creative minds who team together to build an illustrated presentation. My personal observation is that while these illustrators work with the prowess of their digital genius, too often the speaker’s contextual delivery is paltry. It’s as if the speaker’s vocabulary has been forced to parade through the color and hue of a digital Candyland while remaining an orphan to the grandeur of said creativity. The more stunning the visual effect, the more apparent is the absence of the speaker’s skill.  Why? Why must our enthusiasm for language be bleached of its brilliant color and hue?

This blog celebrates the art of the artisans who, with nothing more than inkwell and pen, keyboard2or in our case a keyboard, find ‘words‘ to be their inspiration to explore new ideas of thought, of revelation, of truth, unpenned. We laud those Master’s who love to utilize the glory of words to reveal the wonder in the lexicon of men; those artisans who paint on the canvas of the soul with the imagination of their intellect.

I believe there is a new communicator on the horizon. I believe there is hunger in the hearts of young men and women who want more than a digital expression of a creative presentation; they are hungry to recapture and reclaim the art of speaking with the ‘fire‘ of brilliant language. This new generation of speakers is filled with an enthusiastic passion for learning how to recover the tongue of angels…among men.

It’s a defining moment. It’s an elliptical shift. It’s a recovering of sight and a rediscovery of appreciation. It’s a pursuit of the deeper insights that lay in the regions between God’s preparatory words of promise and God’s consummate Word, Jesus of Nazareth! “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. And the Word was made flesh.” I believe that this generation is yearning for a brilliant presentation of the Word. They starve for more than a minimalistic presentation of Jesus. They yearn for more than a Hollywood production of an entertaining Jesus. They desire the Word. They realize that the minimalistic, fog-shrouded, bright-lights, pep-driven, rock-n-roll, fifty-minute…’Jesus’ has resulted in an ‘imitation’ offered to replace a holy, eternal, redemptive, spiritual, experiential, Jesus!

Wendell Hutchins II

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