This week has been a bloody week for law enforcement officers in our country!  There is an apparent increase in violence, mayhem, and murder in our society.  Let us all pray for our law enforcement officers and officials more now, than anytime before.

Just this past evening, our local news channels broke with the breaking news story that a Harris County Sheriff’s deputy was11889598_1678906679006642_5695439498292708871_n gunned down while he refueled his patrol car. Officer Goforth was simply standing at a gas pump when he was blatantly targeted for assassination by a hate-filled, heart-broken soul. Apparently, these two men were unknown to each other, strangers working and living in the same world, and yet one hated the other enough to take his life because he represented the law.

Our culture is adrift, no longer are we held secure with the moorings of a Judaeo-Christian ethic and morality. No, as a nation, we’ve been removing God from all aspects of public life until now, we’ve become a culture whose lawlessness corrupts our very best intentions.

Weekly, we hear reports of people callously taking the life of another.  It doesn’t shock us.  It doesn’t grieve us.  It doesn’t even move us. Our national leaders refuse to address it.  Our culture is so warped that we call murder, a woman’s right of choice. Blood soaks the ground of North America. The blood of a million innocent’s scream into the eternities, but none but God will hear them. Anything remotely “righteous” has been furloughed from our public discourse. The religion of “Political Correctness” dares the voice of God-ordained watchmen, intercessors, & soul-laborers to speak against sin.

America, we need a revival in the Church until sinners are convicted of their sins and saved by God’s grace. We need a revival until our culture values life and finds that life is worth living, and how we “live” determines our eternity.  We need the Gospel of Jesus to invade our shores until our people are convinced by God’s love that EVERY life matters.

America’s pulpits must be set on fire with Holy Ghost power. Our preaching should be aimed in its intention of saving people from their sins, so that our preaching becomes spiritual. Away with the pretty sermons and nice talks. Away with preaching that is only intended to better a person’s economy or is given as a lecture to improve society.  Preachers’ need to get back to the business of Jesus…seeking and saving those who are lost.  We don’t need professionals in the pulpit, we need men and women of deep conviction…praying, preaching, and reaching until the Day of Pentecost becomes every sinner’s spiritual reality.

We need a revival so great in the Church of North America, that our young men and women will hear the call back into our inner-city wards, our urban cityscapes and our suburban sanctuaries. No one, anywhere, should miss the mission and the missionaries of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Until then, we will continue to see a rise in lawlessness and anarchy…. but know this, “where sin abounds, grace does much more abound” (Rom. 5:20 paraphrased).
This is a video that demonstrates how far we’ve fallen as a culture. We now speak the language of barbarians.

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