The burgeoning Beast is making his last play for the souls of men; his time short, he knows he’s about to meet his damnable end! The enemy is banking on a sleeping church and a world wise only to its immoral lusts.

But there is a sound a stirring, much like our father’s before. In crowded upper-rooms, basements, stadiums, and large and small spaces…there is a generation crying like the Greeks of old, “We would see Jesus!”  Not the Jesus of mawkish fancy or mystic imagination, but the Jesus who lived among men, was seen, heard and handled by men. The Jesus who died a real death to save sinners from a real Hell, so that He could raise up every born-again believer to a real Heaven.

It’s the heart-cry of this generation!  We would see Jesus!  We, like the Greeks, do not want a Jesus fabricated in the intellectCMxvWzEVAAALqKa of philosophers and sages; satisfiers and finite savior’s. No, we want the Jesus of Scripture, the Universal Savior, who meets the needs of all mankind!

We want the Jesus of Scripture that is our Atoning Savior, our bloody Redeemer!  We reject the notion that we can be saved with any Christ. No, we can only be saved by the crucified Christ!  For in His crucifixion, His atoning blood satisfied the holy wrath of our infinitely holy God, saving us from the judgment of our sins!  You see, if we should serve a Jesus who is not lifted, then we serve a Christ who has no Cross.  And if he should have no Cross, he cannot meet the universal need of all men, for He has no power to remit our sin!  Simply put, we WILL NOT allow our faith to be tinctured with a bloodless gospel and a feel-good Christianity!  There are only two words for a bloodless theology, “damnable heresies” (see 2 Peter 2:1).

The Blood that Jesus shed for me, way back on Calvary…will never lose its power!


Pastor Hutchins

(The picture provided is of a Leadership Meeting in Chattanooga, Tennessee last week in which I spoke to over 300 pastors).

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  • This is far above me, so I’m confused. When you teach this at church maybe you can explain it better for me. My email was returned by Grigsby and I have an appt. Fri. … I Originally ask for one with you because I have grown children, and some people you just feel more comfortable talking with. Any way may God continue to bless you and yours. You are an excellent teacher and definitely God’s child. J.Lemelle

    • June,

      I had David reach out to you because my schedule is not open for several weeks. David’s schedule is a bit more flexible and he is very capable and will be exactly who you need to talk to and join with you in prayer.

      I look forward to sharing this teaching with you. The Jesus of Scripture, when exalted, heals our woe and delivers us from all of our sins! I can’t wait to see you tonight in Bible Study. It’s going to be powerful.


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