In the Book of Nehemiah, we discover that life is a vocation. In fact, the Apostle Paul wrote to the Ephesians, “I beseech you that you would walk worthy of the vocation wherewith you are called” ( Eph. 4:1). Throughout Scripture, we often see that a man’s trade is the genesis of his calling, giving his work dignity. Whether laborer, carpenter, mason, sailor, surgeon, preacher, school teacher, editors, columnists, or cop, you are called.

In Nehemiah 3, we find different bands of men joining together to work the assignments given to them, and when all of them worked together…their work became great. From this, we learn seven keys to doing great works.

1). First, a great work can only be planned by a great mind!  Many people can see the dilemma, but there are few who have the anointing to “build the old waste places and repair the desolation of many generations”  (Isa. 61:4).

2). A great work can only be carried out by division of labor!  To do a great work, there must be organizational structure, goals, planning, and execution. Everyone working under the direction of the Architect, who superintends to the execution of the mission.

3). A great work can only be accomplished by attention to details!  Delinquencies in attending to the details necessary to achieve excellency soon reveal whether a person has neglected the required attention to the careful details that excellence demands.  You cannot get extraordinary by producing the ordinary.

4). A great work brings out special gifts and adaptations in the laborers!  Each Christian has his/her place in the 510lD3NM-QL__SY300_work of God and they find no ground to disparage others, for to do so, they ultimately disparage themselves in their work, for we are all members of the same body.

5). A great work must have practical utility!  When planning to do the extraordinary, stop long enough to consider “what for.” Every man’s work must answer a “why.” Just as the great work of Truth always brings light to some arena of darkness, so should our work find its utility in others who have not experienced what we’ve experienced.

6). A great work must be inspired by a lofty purpose!  To enjoy the elixir of achievement, our motives must be inspired by God’s Spirit to affect this lost and dying world. Let us not live lowly lives absent of the majesty of transcendence.

7). A great work must look toward the future!  To do great works, there must be elements of permanence, legacy, and eternity within the efforts of our labor. Looking forward inherently appreciates eternity and reminds us daily of our faithfulness to God in our service.

Live to be a blessing by living with the expectation that God has called you to….greatness!  If you believe it, you will do great works.


Pastor Hutchins

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  • This is awesome, but what do you do when you have past the stage of doing great things in your life, Do we just support our children doing great things. I hope you preach on this today. God bless you and your family. Now let me get up and get ready for church. What number would I call if I needed to get in touch?

    • June, great to hear from you. No, you never retire from doing great things! While we know that the Scripture teaches that “Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might,” we also know that the older we get the more we allow the younger to do the physical work, while we lend them our knowledge and experience…teaching them to walk worthy of God’s calling on their lives. So, while our physical man may grow limited over time, our “wisdom” man keeps maturing and giving through leadership.

      Your experiences are priceless! Share them with the world. You can contact our offices through our website ( or call 281-580-8674 and speak with Leah about arranging an appointment.


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