This morning, while in my study praying and preparing for a ministry engagement tomorrow evening I began to reflect upon those people who have radically affected my life with their bold exploits and faith-filled actions. I grew up in an era when Comic Book heroes exploits were confined to paperback books. So for me, it was much more enjoyable to read about the exploits of real people vs. the make-believe world of comic characters.

The heroes that possess “It” are people from all walks of life who were called by God to do what others considered foolish, illogical, and risky.

These men and women were other-worldly with their faith in God!  They challenged what appeared to be sure defeat only to see great victory.  They looked into the face of certain death to see the face of God. They paraded around a den of hungry lions to see God exalted as Ruler of creation and the Sovereign King who reigns supreme over earthly kings.

Men who seemed fearless in their faith.

  • What was “it” that enabled Nehemiah to leave a palace job for a construction site?
  • What was “it” that enabled Joshua to lead a band and not an army to defeat Jericho?
  • What was “it” that enabled to Joseph to stay consecrated and steady his faith in the pit and the prison, before he ever saw the palace?
  • What was “it” that enabled Abraham to relinquish his security, his soil, and his son en route to leading a family of nations into retirement?
  • What was “it” that enabled Moses to leave the farm so he could lead the families of Israel through a forty year journey?
  • What was “it” that enabled David to go from protecting sheep as a shepherd to protecting an entire nation as a warrior king?

The “It” factor is the difference between farmers and global pastors, between idolaters and nation builders, and it_reflectionbetween shepherds and bloody kings!  You see, when you have “it” your elevated by resurrection power to do exploits that change the destiny of peoples, nations, and kingdoms.  When you have “it” you are charged with a power that allows you to “lay hands on the sick” and see them recover.  Get “it” and the Apostle Peter’s charge will be confirmed, “this is ‘it’ (that) which was spoken of by the Prophet Joel…”

You can’t LIVE eternally without “it!”


Pastor Hutchins

To learn more about the “It” Factor, read Craig Groeschel’s work on this subject. Great read.

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