In this hour of a million or more distractions, when influence screams for our attention from every portal of information, it is incredibly important for us to keep our focus. The more distraction attempts to ramp up its noise and blister the peace and solitude of our souls, the more we must sharpen our focus and hold fast our attention on the objective of our race.

When Jesus fixed His attentive love on our condition, He focused His grace toward our need and while we were yet sinners, “willingly died for us” so that through His focus, we might be redeemed. As He did, so must we do.  We are to hold to it, and never let it go! By Jesus, we are enabled to lay hold on the choicest of treasure, fixing our attention on the royal endowment of His grace, never letting it go.

Grace enables us to take hold…never letting go. To hold fast, against the storm without and the turmoil within.  We cling to bloody-messfaith with death-grip, and grasp it anew with energy from God. If you have one hand, take hold with the other until both hands lay hold on eternal life.

Fight the good fight of faith!  Every now and again, we may be knocked, bruised, bloodied or beaten – but we must rise up with our hands still firmly grasping the royal cords of faith, hope, and love.  For it is to the glory of the “Christ in you” that we can shout and say, “without spot, wrinkle, or any such thing” we come to Thee!  Life is kind enough to buffet us with enough agonies to ensure that our faith is mature enough to not stagger by what we suffer, but be focused enough to lay hold of the promises…. until we can say:

“The King above is beauty,
Without a veil is seen;
It were a well-spent journey,
Though ten deaths lay between!”

So friend, stay the course and hold fast to your faith, the Lord is soon to return and in His grace you’ll see His unveiled face!


Pastor Hutchins

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