The stories are riveting.

Each story representing much more than the intrigue of a literary genius. No, the magnificent appeal of these stories are the FullSizeRenderpeople who are the central characters in each of them. It is the people’s story that lends credence to the reality of the Author of each story. Each of these characters reinforce the ideal that the Author’s pen is dipped into the inkwell of grace long before one stroke is made on the papyrus of time and reality.

Before heroine needles and concrete beds; before stolen innocence and lost hope…grace made sure to have the final say. From Kensington to Washington Square, from the E line to Penn Station, from Old City to Reading Terminal, from Independence Hall to Liberty Bell, all of these landmarks make up a symphony of beauty and tell well America’s glorious story, but these historical monuments and famous places are but backdrops to a much greater story, the Church of Philadelphia.

The Greater Church of Philadelphia is ground zero to a new kind of revolution. It’s a revolution of dependence and a revival of purpose.  With a Haggai Commission and an Ezra anointing, the Church’s rise from the ruins is a testament of its future glory.  Today, I watched hope light the eyes of men and women who had lost it.  I watched grown men dream again. I heard laughter replace sorrow as grief took flight. Today is just the beginning.  Tomorrow we write a new story in which we will declare, no more American home missionaries will die alone in their fields…under-resourced with no where to go.  Pastor Joel Barnaby and Save America’s Churches have teamed together to see God’s grace rewrite the narrative on urban evangelism and city renewal. Stay tuned…

Wendell Hutchins II

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  • Fonda Barnaby
    July 6, 2015 8:52 pm

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart. The tears just keep running down my face. The dreams of my parents and the work from their heart has finally come to pass. What a beautiful ending to a beautiful story. Words can never express how much this means to me and my siblings who helped our parents build the work that is there in the city. To bring others to Christ because he is the reason for our living.

    • Fonda, I am very honored to help your family preserve such an incredible work in one of the greatest mission fields in America. Your family is such an inspiration to church planters throughout the nation. Blessings.


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